Judging criteria

The judges will be looking for ‘good help’ that is making a meaningful difference to people’s lives. They will look for creative approaches, that have been developed with people and that enable practitioners to work in partnership with the people they are aiming to help. The scale of the programme could be large or small, the judges will be looking at the impact it is having on people’s sense of purpose and confidence to act.

Remember that this award is only open to organisations based in the UK. 


There are four criteria that the judges will use when considering the submissions. You can decide how to communicate these criteria via the written submission and video. We do not expect you to repeat all of the criteria in both the form and video, but please try to cover all of the following questions:

Criterion one: Your approach to ‘good help’

  • Who do you help and what is your approach?
  • What is it about your approach that makes it ‘good help?’
  • How do you help people build their sense of purpose and confidence to act?
  • How have your created an organisational culture that supports ‘good help’?

Criterion two: The impact of your ‘good help’

  • What impact does the help you offer have for people?
  • How do you know that it’s the help you offer that’s making the difference?
  • What wider impacts have you had, for example, on families and communities, or on the way that others offer help within your sector or beyond?

Criterion three: Your inspiration for ‘good help’

  • What inspired you to develop your approach to ‘good help’?
  • How have people, including those you are supporting, helped to shape what you do?
  • What was - or would be - the alternative for people if your offer of help was not available?
  • What have been your greatest challenges & enablers?

Criterion four: Your vision for ‘good help’

  • How do you plan to develop your offer and increase your impact further?
  • Why do you want to develop it in this way?
  • What further support would be most helpful?